Professional Sports In Texas

Professional Sports In Texas

When you have the second biggest (by size and population) state in the entire United States, and one that loves its sports and competition to boot, it should come as no surprise that there are plenty of options for professional sports fans who are visiting the Lone Star State!

Major League Baseball (MLB)
Texas is home to many semi-pro and minor league baseball teams, but there’s no question that the American League’s Texas Rangers and the National League’s Houston Astros take the cake when it comes to baseball. Both teams have been playing for many decades and have seen multiple hall of fame players come through the roster. From Nolan Ryan for the Rangers to Craig Biggio for the Astros, these teams don’t have a lot of World Series titles between them, but they’re known for playing solid grinding styles of baseball as they constantly compete for those rare play-off spots.

National Football League (NFL)
Let’s face it: at its heart Texas is definitely a football state. While the University of Texas Longhorns might trump all (other than at College Station, of course), there’s no question that the Dallas Cowboys have one of the largest and most loyal fan bases in the country. Although their history of being a top notch franchise goes all the way back to the beginning of the Super Bowl area, in modern times it’s the Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith led teams that stay in mind.

Houston shouldn’t be left out of the conversation, however. Although the Houston Oilers might be long gone after their move to Tennessee, the expansion Texans have made some noise since their inception and now field an insanely strong defense and several offensive weapons. Dallas and Houston are both competitive teams and who knows – an all Texas Super Bowl might be in the near future.

National Basketball Association (NBA)
Texas sports three professional basketball teams. The Dallas Mavericks are owned by billionaire Mark Cuban and are frequently in the play-off hunt while the Rockets have finally re-loaded enough to compete with the Drexler/Olajuwon years, it’s the San Antonio Spurs who have been almost legendary in the length of their dynasty under current head coach Gregg Popovich. Over 20 straight winning seasons, five NBA championships, seven West championships, and they have frequently been one of the 4 most dangerous teams in the NBA for two straight decades while constantly reloading on young new talent.

As you can see Texas has plenty of options for the professional sports fans.